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Facebook released a new technology called Facebook Connect, opening up options for any website to connect to Facebook. Its a fairly simple process for your web designer to do for you, but there is some coding involved, so its best to Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold leave for the professionals.Want your new products from your eCommerce site to show up automatically on your Facebook business page  Many eCommerce software applications offer plug-ins that do this automatically for you.

Want visitors viewing your business website to follow you on Facebook  With Facebook Connect, you can put a "Like" button right on your website that will add your visitor to your Facebook list.Are your producing articles or offering products that website visitors might want to share with friends  Facebook Connect will allow you to create "Share" buttons too. This way website visitors don't have to become "fans" of your Facebook page in order to share your website with their friends.

Sit Back, Relax and Watch the Sales Pour In.So there you have it! Its a fairly straightforward process to use social networking technology for your own business needs. By keeping up with social networking technology trends, you can ensure that your business is able to Diablo 3 Gold make money and leverage the maximum potential of the internet.